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Lelia Schott ​​

South Africa

RAISING CHILDREN gently is more of a lifestyle than a parenting style. 


Harmonizing the heart and mind to empower parents, children and relationships.

What I Do?

The specific coaching and therapy I offer is rooted in relational neuroscience, founded in natural parenting and practiced through heart wisdom...

Who Needs Therapy and Coaching?

Anyone committed to raising themselves as they raise children.


Many clients simply want to know how to best help their child through the different ages and stages. The course provides skills to parent without shame and punishment. Parents learn how to stay calm, conscious and confident. Parents are empowered with a new set of fortifying skills. I'm trained to help parents have realistic expectations, recognize how their experiences influence situations and understand emotions in themselves and their children.  People and parents rise to who they aspire to be. 

About Me

As I raise children, I am constantly inspired to raise myself. It stretches and pushes me, and that can feel uncomfortable. It also strengthens and raises me, and that feels incredibly comforting. Children have a way of bringing to light all the attributes we never knew we had.



How I Can Help You

Tearful Boys

Perhaps if tearful little boys were comforted instead of shamed, there wouldn't be so many angry men struggling to express and empathize with emotion. 

—  Lelia Schott

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